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#1 Elite Aero Space Fiber

Innegra Fiber

Benefits of Innegra Fiber for diving fins, used in industries such as Formula 1 and aerospace

Impact Resistance: Protects fins from damage and enhances durability.

Flexibility: Improves energy transfer for efficient propulsion.

Lightweight: Reduces fatigue and enhances manoeuvrability underwater.

Vibration Damping: Provides a smoother and controlled swimming experience.

Chemical Resistance: Protects fins from degradation in various diving environments.

#2 Premium carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber

Advantages of Carbon Fiber for Diving Fins

Lightweight: Enhances manoeuvrability and reduces fatigue during dives.

High Strength and Stiffness: Provides powerful and precise kicks for improved propulsion and responsiveness underwater.

Image quality: Carbon fiber provides the highest image quality out of all three fibers. Making for a very clean vibrant image appearance.

#3 Reliable performance

Composit Fiber

Benefits of Using Composite Fiber in Diving Fins

Lightweight Construction: Reduces fatigue and improves manoeuvrability

Stiffness and Responsiveness: Enables powerful propulsion and enhanced performance in the water.

Efficient Propulsion: Provides reduced leg fatigue and improved manoeuvrability, leading to a more enjoyable and productive diving experience.